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The very latest version of their flagship folding electric bike, the Wisper 806 has received a number of additions enabling you to tailor the bike to your own personal requirements.


The Wisper 806 is the perfect option for campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts, commuters or for those with restricted storage space. With it’s very low step over height the Wisper 806 is ideal for a shorter person, however the huge adjustment range on the seat post and handlebar stem means the bike can easily be adjusted for the comfort of taller riders. Suitable for riders between 4’6″ and 6’6″!


The Wisper 806 is a sturdy long range e-bike. With our superb locking mechanism locked you will not notice you are on a folding bike, there is absolutely no frame twist feel when riding.


Tailor your Wisper 806 by choosing your preferred battery range, power delivery system and colour.


Some features or components may differ from those displayed due to availability.


Why Choose A Folding eBike?


Perfect to carry you through the city or countryside with minimal effort. When you’re not using your bicycle, just unlock the hinge and store until you need to ride your bicycle again. Lightweight and durable, the Wisper 806 can be carried on and off public transport. Touring in a camper or caravan? Just fold your bike away until you need it again!


  • Technical Specification


    Wisper High efficiency, 250W hi torque brushless motor

    Lithium Battery

    Medium range 375Wh MAX range 50 miles (80km)
    Long range 575Wh MAX range 75 miles (120km)
    Mega range 700W MAX range 90 miles (140km)Full Throttle Range

    Using your Wisper bike on throttle only will reduce your range by up to 30% and the torque pack will not help increase range whilst you are using the throttle only. If your bike has been upgraded so it works on the throttle only, we still suggest pedaling when you are able to do so. Use the throttle only function when you need to rest or to help you pull away when setting off.


    Wisper Back lit LCD display

    Bicycle weight

    375Wh: 21kg
    575Wh: 22kg
    700Wh: 22.5kg


    Hand welded, 6061 Alloy T4 and T6 tempered, hinge folding electric bike

    Frame size

    16” 40.6cm

    Bike Colour

    Black, Blue, Red


    Wisper light weight alloy forks


    Wisper comfort

    Kick stand

    Black anodised alloy


    SHIMANO 7 speed derailleur with 7 speed selector


    180mm disc brake front and 160mm rear


    Alloy double walled 20” x 1.5”


    Kenda 20” 1.95 Kevlar very high puncture resistance with wall reflector


    Black Full length, shatterproof


    Front: 15W LED super bright
    Rear: 36V light, power from bike battery

    Rear Rack

    Wisper’s unique rear battery rack, certified to 25kg

    Max Weight Loading Including Luggage

    20 Stone / 130kg

    Bike Dimensions When Folded

    D43cm x W85cm x H73cm

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