Amazing design and specification


16" Wheel version


Extremely limited availability


Full manufacturer warranty included.


Mid drive motor with torque sensor.
High density battery.
Range up to 120 km/75 miles 
High quality monoshock fork.
High efficiency suspension seat post.
Unique ever-evolving accessories.
3 gears internal gear hub.

Hydraulic Brakes
16” Plus or the 20” x 2,00 tires.


 Aluminum Space frame in its purest Italian form to offer agility, efficiency, durability and comfort. This type of frame ensures accurate wheel tracking for secure road holding and cornering stability. It is far superior to a conventional bicycle frame and it’s been studied for universal use, real performance and comfort


SKU: Orange 16"
    • Mid-drive assisted pedaling Bofeili motor with torque sensor for a natural cycling and the best weight-positioning
    • TRILIX is available with a powerful 70NM torque 250W motor
      Hydraulic disc brakes
    • 3 gears wide range internal gear hub, optimizing 150% gear ratio maintenance free
    • 16” plus tires, the new size for the urban commuters or 20” 2.0 tires as an option without extra-charge, to enjoy exploring new roads.

    TRILIX foldable e-bike colors are Powder Coated to offer high quality and durable finish. Right now there are four colours available.

    • MATTE BLACK : classic and stylish
    • METALLIC ORANGE : stimulating, vibrant and hot
    • PEARLY WHITE : deeper then just white, provides a sophisticates and elegant look
    • BLUE AQUA : elegant, refined and exclusive